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Welcome to Reception's class page

Mrs Halton

Teaching Assistants  - Mrs Kay, Mr Longdon & Mrs Dunnington

Here you will find information about the curriculum, parent workshops and all the exciting learning your children are experiencing.


Our class Christian Value is Friendship

Our Christian Value this half term is Creativity


  Here at St. John's we recognise that each child is an individual and will progress through developmental statements at their own pace. We support this with a flexible and responsive approach to planning that reflects the needs and interests of all children. The impact of which sees our children develop the firm foundations they need to progress through and access the National Curriculum.

Click on the link to see the EYFS developmental statements


The EYFS curriculum has seven areas of learning split into two main categories-Prime and Specific-

Prime areas of learning are:

1.—PSED – Personal, Social & Emotional Development

2.—C&L – Communication and Language

3.—PD –Physical Development

Specific areas of learning are:

—1. Literacy —

2. Numeracy

3.Expressive Arts & Design

4. Understanding the World

We promote the development of all Characteristics of Effective Learning and plan opportunities to for children to-

—Play and Exploring - engagement —Finding out and exploring —Playing with what they know —Having a go —

Active Learning - motivation —Being involved and concentrating —Keeping going —Enjoying achieving what they set out to do

—Creating and thinking critically – thinking —Having their own ideas —Making links —Choosing ways to do things