St John's C. of E. Primary School

Atherton Road, Hindley Green, Wigan, WN2 4SD

01942 255396

Year 2 - Miss Boulton

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Alker, Mrs Gibbins, Miss Ode

Welcome to Year 2

There are 28 awesome children in year 2 this year who are eager to learn!

Mr Fisher teaches  music and Mr Edwards teaches  PE and sport.


There are daily maths, reading and writing lessons, as well as spelling and handwriting.

The DREAM Curriculum provides a broad and balanced curriculum with a range of topics that engage the children in their learning, as well as providing lots of enrichment activities.

Everyone in class has their own iPad to help with  learning both in school and at home. We use lots of apps such as Purple Mash, Oxford Owl, TT Rock Stars and Emile to support our learning. 


Homework is set each week. This is a mix of English and maths along with spellings and times tables. 




Our class value is Peace

Our school value for this term is Hope 

Autumn Term

What a start to out leaning journey in Year 2! 

  • In English we have been learning to write stories, poems and instructions. As well as reading, reading and more reading. We love our daily story time.  
  • We are experts ant tens and ones in maths.
  • Our history lessons have been all about significant events. We learned about the Great Fire of London, why we celebrate Bonfire Night, what happened on 11th November 1918 and why people wear poppies, the significance of the discovery of King Tutankhamun tomb by Howard Carter, and how the actions of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King changed the world.
  • As part of our learning we visited Fireground in Rochdale and designed and made our own Fire engines .
  • Our RE topics have been The Bible and Good News. We learned why the bible is an important book for Christians, and we made our own Dead Sea Scroll with our favourite bible story on them. We enjoyed sharing our good news with each other and learning how the Angels brought good news about the birth of Jesus to different people.
  • In art we learned about the work of the sculpture Alberto Giacometti, and then created our own. 

Look at all the amazing work we have been doing!

Spring Term

We have another busy term ahead of us.

  • In maths we are focusing on the four operations-addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The TT Rock stars challenges will be starting again. I wonder who will be the top 3 boys and the top 3 girls? 
  • In English we are learning to write non-fiction texts: non-chronological reports, letters and diaries.
  • This term we are focusing on geography. Will will be travelling around the world learning about, oceans and continents. Unfortunately this will be a virtual journey rather than a real journey. But we do have a trip planned to the airport. Maybe we will be allowed to fly ourselves around the world?
  • Linking with our geography work, in science we will be learning about plants and animals and their habitats. This will also allow us to apply our non fiction writing skills.
  • We have started our computing lessons, by learning how to take photos. We learned how to make sure the image had a neutral background and that it was in focus. We learned how to change the exposure, brilliance, highlights and saturation. We got a little carried away and played guess the object. We took close up photos of an object and then edited it. Can you guess what these images are?

Summer Term

Our last term as year 2 is going to be very busy. We have our SAT tests to complete in May. These will just run along side our normal everyday teaching

We will be writing lots of stories this term, so that means even more reading. The Scholastic Book fair had lots of amazing books, so keep an eye out for some more of our favourite funny books.

In Geography we will be learning all about South Africa, as this is where one of our families used to live. We will be comparing human and physical features as well as comparing schools foods and leisure activities. We might even learn a little history as well!

In art we will be learning all about Pointillism. The works of George Seurat and Yayoi Kusama will be our stimuli. Towards the end of the term we will also be designing our own health wraps. There will be lots of food testing involved!




We love books!

We read books at least once a day. Our favourite are silly, rude and disgusting ones! These are our favourite ones so far this year.